A discussion of cases of democracy in multi ethic societies

Horowitz defines an ethnic party as one which derives its support mainly from an identifiable ethnic group and which tends to serve the interests of that group Horowitz, Peri Pamir Introduction The subject of nationalism is extremely complex, not the least because of the many different sources and manifestations of the phenomenon.

Though globalization can be a force for democratization and prosperity, it tends to corrode traditional norms and replace them with those of market efficiency, individualism, and experimentation. In this case, it rests on the affirmative.

This process of the unitary state often means one language, one principal nation. Complaining it about it now and setting the definition yourself is doubly self-serving. Asian, Black, Hispanic, White, Native etc. Thus, religious fundamentalism - most prominently, of the Islamic variety - also tends to arise from the disarray people feel in the face of what appears to be a society without future.

State- and nation-building is therefore problematic. Or should there be alternative arrangements, where people without states may enjoy a sense of nationhood and identity securely with a sense of participation?

Human Rights Discourse and the Development of Democracy in a Multi- ethnic State This study examines the effects of the global discourse of democracy and human rights, and specifically the Western emphasis on individual civil and political rights, on the multi-ethnic movement in opposition to the military regime in Burma Myanmar.

Liberal and consociational democracies share a set of democratic institutions, an extension of equality and citizenship for all, and an ethnically neutral state. At its peak in the mids, the FBC boasted over local chapters on university and high school campuses around the world, and continues to successfully organize pressure tactics to force Western businesses to divest from their operations in Burma.

Today, inter-state conflicts are relatively rare, but the numbers of internal wars within a given state are increasing. Self determination, national sovereignty and international responsibility The concept of self determination, as articulated in the Charter of the United Nations Art.

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Is this to be determined solely by the individual state and only internationalized after gross violations have been committed or when refugee flows become unacceptable to neighboring countries?

Reform of the international system means recognizing this fact. Changes in the global order need to be managed by transnational agencies, and a renewed United Nations must finally address the issue of self-determination and develop frameworks and mechanisms for the resolution of these problems.

The current discussion is taking place in the context of a new situation. As many analysts have pointed out, at a time of economic stress, all 'foreign' elements and new arrivals are bound to be resented - even ethnic Germans from ex-GDR wishing to settle in Germany. And yet, politics alone cannot provide what democratic vitality requires.

Human rights discourse and the development of democracy in a multi-ethnic state

The end of the Cold War has led to new issues being placed on the political agenda, including the questions of self-determination and the pursuit of a truly multi-ethnic global order. It is the mixture of perception and external contextual reality which provides it with meaning.In multi-ethnic societies with a multiparty system in the tradition of a consociational democracy, fragmentation of political parties could have a positive function in the emancipation process of ethnic groups.

In these cases, it is a movement of minority groups which springs up in reaction to the policies or performance of the central state.

At other times, it is a counter-reaction, either on the part of the political authorities, or of threatened social groups, in response to the political authorities, and therefore embodies different objectives. However, in the last two decades democracy has been (re)introduced in a number of multi-ethnic states, and has so far proven to be stable in some cases.

In part, this development has led a few scholars to reexamine the basic assumption that ethnicity poses an inherent threat to democracy (Chandra ; Saideman and Lanoue, n.d.). 6 Ethnic democracy is a system in which two contradictory principles operate: "the democratic principle," making for equal rights and equal treatment of all citizens, and "the ethnic principle," making for fashioning a homogenous.

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CHAPTER FIVE Ethnicity, Religion, the Judiciary and Liberal Democracy in a Multi-ethnic Society

An Introduction to the History an the Politics on Napoleon. 1, words. 3 pages. 4 Governance and conflict resolution in multi-ethnic societies 5 International responses and mechanisms The search for forms of governance in multi-ethnic societies is an important issue which needs to be addressed in the transition from one world order to.

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A discussion of cases of democracy in multi ethic societies
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