A report on the endangered species the hippopotamus

Staff at the Fish Section, British Museum Natural History now the Natural History Museum have loaned materials and hosted visits on numerous occasions; their help has been much appreciated for the extensive collections are a required study to understand the Iranian fauna.

The lineages containing the living species diverged by the early Pliocene 1. This small hornless ancestor resembled a tapir or small horse more than a rhino. The second collection was made by employees of the Department of the Environment, Tehran, and N.

This was borne out by repeated visits of longer duration to certain localities near Shiraz. Esmaeili, Shiraz University, E. While gaur depend on water for drinking, they do not seem to bathe or wallow. Low-lying areas seem to comprise optimal habitat.

Feeding is usually at depths less than m; harpooned animals have dived as deep as m. Pharyngeal tooth formula is often a modal value from the literature; loss of or incomplete development of major or minor row teeth is not uncommon, so counts may vary quite markedly.

The Hippopotamus: Endangered Species Report

According to a count done inthis number has now dropped to 11, The bulk of the text is the Species Accounts which serve to identify, describe and map the distribution of each species. Oregon State University contains a collection of fishes made by W.

Removal of arches for a more careful examination may also damage or destroy the finer rakers which are intimately associated with the tissues adjacent to the arches. Long-term survival and conservation of these herbivores depend on the availability of preferred plant species for food.

They are sometimes seen in larger groups and loosely defined concentrations of have been observed. I have also included animals that went extinct in a particular region or country, because this is also an important loss.

I arrived in Iran in January and, in that year, 7 articles were published strictly on Iranian fishes 3 on parasites, 1 on pesticides, 1 on fisheries, 1 describing the blind white fish and 1 a summary of the latter; 2 were in Farsi.

Coffey, Pahlavi University, Shiraz, Dr. Checklists summarise the diversity of the ichthyofauna. Larger specimens in major water bodies undoubtedly evaded my nets with ease; some samples of larger individuals were available from other collections and by purchase from commercial fisheries.

The count terminated with the scale lying over the end of the hypural plate as determined by flexing the caudal fin. At that time they weigh about 20, kg. Elephant ivory sells for as much as five-hundred dollars per kilo.

The second count is of soft rays and is also indicated by Arabic numerals. Various other people assisted too and are mentioned below under the Pahlavi University name. However, several independent lineages survived. Bianco, University of Naples, allowed me free access to materials, including types, in his possession at the University of Naples and his hospitality is acknowledged.

Hosseinie, Shiraz University, Dr. These plates consist of a fingernail-like material called keratin that frays out into fine hairs on the ends near their tongue. This count may be quite consistent between individuals of a species, but it may also vary markedly.

The study of fishes is now a very active field within Iran and the Middle East and much of the newer literature is easily available on-line see Bibliography. There is no conclusive explanation of the name "white rhinoceros".


The fluke is broad and triangular. Hence, protection of the historically preferred habitats used by gaur is a significant factor in conservation biology.

October 2018

Ekingen, Veteriner Fakultesi, Elazig, O. DouAboul, Kitchener, Ontario, Dr. Elasmotherium was two meters tall, five meters long and weighed around five tons, with a single enormous horn, hypsodont teeth and long legs for running.

Actually, hippos secrete a pinkish colored oil that helps them keep their skin moist in the hot African climate. The WCF is participating in a fundraising competition and needs your help! Some sections of this work are incomplete but have been posted as is.Assessment meeting of WCF and the Guinean Office of Parks and Reserves.

From 17 to 19/09/, WCF and the Guinean Office of Parks and Reserves (OGuiPaR) organized a workshop in Labé to evaluate the first year of activities from the Action Plan (), for the creation of the Moyen-Bafing National Park (MBNP).

It is time for the somber and annual eulogy of the animals that went extinct in the past year (previous versions: and ). It bears repeating that it is often impossible to know exactly when the last animal of a given species disappears in the wilderness.

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The Hippopotamus: Endangered Species Report Jason Wapiennik Mr. Trippeer, Biology January 6th, The ban on elephant ivory trading has slowed down the poaching of elephants, but now poachers are getting their ivory from another creature, the hippopotamus. The Camp Fire has sent record-bad air into the Bay Area.

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A report on the endangered species the hippopotamus
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