An argument for and against bilingual education

But with a good supply of books in both first and second languages, students can go far beyond the 50th percentile.

“Bilingual Education Does Not Work”

De la Pena reports that he came to the United States at age nine with no English competence and claims that he succeeded without bilingual education.

Ok, Got it 10 Issues that Fuel the Bilingual Education Debate The debate on bilingual education roars on, with both sides posing valid arguments. Offer conclusive findings that literacy developed in the native language transfers to the second language—once you can read in one language, you can read in general.

Bogus Arguments Against Bilingual Education. In Texas, more thanchildren were taught in Spanish during the school year. The case of Oceanside, Calif. This entry was posted in Uncategorized on.

Language shift is powerful. Why, then, are we seeing protests against Asian-American data collection today.

10 Issues that Fuel the Bilingual Education Debate

Two things are true. The provincial government is asking the New Brunswick Court of Appeal to rule whether the dual-education provisions of the Constitution.


In the years that followed, Shanker stood out as an outspoken critic of emerging left-wing and, eventually, liberal orthodoxies on foreign policy, affirmative action, bilingual education and. What is especially interesting is that these background factors appear to be responsible for much if not all of the difference in dropout rates among different ethnic groups.

The subjects were sophomores in high school when they were first interviewed, which was in The ability to read transfers across languages, even when the writing systems are different. If the June primary were being held today, would you vote for or against this measure? The educational effectiveness of bilingual education.

View of the Masses Those Against: Longitudinal study of structured English immersion strategy, early-exit and late-exit bilingual education programs for language-minority children Final Report, Vols.

It is counter to all scientific practice. In my book Condemned Without A Trial: Rumberger confirms that Hispanic students often drop out because they have to go to work.Bilingual Education: A Goal for All Children A Rethinking Schools Editorial Written just after a critical vote against bilingual education in Arizona in Novemberthe editors argue that it is important that.

But if bilingual education results in better English development, as claimed above, this finding is an argument for bilingual education. A large number of studies confirm that other factors count, such as socioeconomic class, time spent in the US, the presence of print, and family factors.

There is a common problem where many parents are against bilingual education because many students are forced into Spanish bilingual classes because they have Spanish surnames, even though they understand and speak English well and they do not speak or read Spanish (Hoover, Bilingual Education Advocates).

10 Issues that Fuel the Bilingual Education Debate

Those Against: Claim that the public is against bilingual education. Those For: Argue that those opposed to bilingual education are actually opposed to certain practices or regulations connected to bilingual education (e.g., inappropriate placement of children, forcing teachers to acquire another language to keep their jobs, etc.).

Education activist Donna Garner of Waco says flatly that one of the causes is bilingual education. She says it will take real courage on the part of Texans to face the truth.

Bilingual Education: Toss It and Teach Kids English

It will also take a competent judge in the current lawsuit and a strong Legislature willing to stand up to the bilingual education lobby.

What are the arguments against bilingual education? Opponents also have studies and data to suggest that a bilingual education in fact retards student growth and delays English acquisition.

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An argument for and against bilingual education
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