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The fire was sparked in the compressor shed of the hydrocracker plant, a BPCL statement said. The remaining units are operating normally, he added. Fatalities, persons injured The exact number of injured people still varies as media reports claimed different figures.

Bharat Petroleum plans to enter travel business with Happy Roads start-up However, online trading has a different set of foreign direct investment FDI rules under the Bpcl brand marketplace model which forbids companies from holding inventory.

How might you internationalize from a position of operating only in one country? Philip Kurien 51an Bpcl brand technician, was injured after a part of the roof fell on him. This was imported in bulk and transported in 4 gallon and 1 gallon tins through rail, road and country craft all over India.

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL.NS)

What do you do when capabilities for vertical integration do not exist in your existing business? Fire and blast in Hydrocarbon plant containing 72 ton hydrocarbon used for diesel generation in cacking vacuum gas oil and hydrocarbon unit caused damage to nearby plants.

The fire also caused explosions.

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The fire is still on but is under control. August 08, With shop-on-go, BPCL will offer home-delivery services for food and groceries to its customers for which it will use the Star Bazaar stores as the back-end.

Burmah Shell began its operate operations with import and marketing of Kerosene. Rahangdale said the fire-fighting operation was made difficult by heat and pressure inside the plant.

According to Mr Ramesh, Speed has in the past been actively associated with passions akin to its users, be it fast-paced Bpcl brand movies such as James Bonds Die Another Day or first of its kind motor racing events like Speed Run A total of 41 people have been injured out of which 22 persons are being treated at BPCL medical centre whereas remaining 19 person are undergoing treatment at Sushrut Hospital, Chembur.

You can also follow us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn. The Daily is up to 5, sq. It was also the first refinery to process newly found indigenous crude Bombay Highin the country.

All plants are being depressurised and being shut for safety reasons. The participants were from all strategic business units, entities and refineries across regions and states.

Asiatic Petroleum Company to market petroleum products in South Asia. Fire Brigade chief P. Though incorporated in Scotland inthe company grew out of the enterprises of the Chef Rohit Oil Company, which had been formed in to refine crude oil produced from primitive hand dug wells in Upper Burma.

A lot of petroleum refineries came up. BPCL reported 11 accidents in the three-year period with two fatalities, causing injury to 17 people, according to the report by the Standing Committee on Petroleum and Natural Gas. However, the underlying concepts will help students relate to the dynamics of vertical integration in any capital-intensive, high-risk, globalized industry.

Every event was complemented with games and prizes to fuel further interest. Fri, Mar 24 Blast causes huge fire BPCL will do the invoicing and our cooking gas delivery boys would deliver the order baskets.

There has been minor injury sustained by two people. The company did not elaborate on the details or plans of the partnership. We also plan to tie-up with popular movies to integrate offline events with online marketing plans like our tie-up with James Bond movie a few months ago, adds Mr Ramesh.

Of them, 6, were employees and the rest were channel partners.

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History[ edit ] to [ edit ] The company today known as BPCL started off as Rangoon oil company and thereafter Burmah Oilan oil exploration company set up to explore the new discoveries off Assam and Burma during the British colonial rule of India. The organisational design comprising of five customers facing SBUs, viz.

The fire was in the Compressor shed of Hydrocracker plant. The association would be for the next 10 races till the last race of the season in Suzuka, Japan. The Bpcl brand has historically been in the business of refining and marketing petroleum products.

Trent will also help BPCL bring in its own private labels, the official said. The fire was in the compressor shed of Hydrocracker plant.

At least 41 persons have injured in the incident. There are 41 Star Bazaars spread across three formats.A credit card is a simple plastic instrument that becomes your dear friend when the cash in your wallet dries out.

Be it the shopping, travelling or meeting the emergency needs, a credit card stands by you when the cash in hand and cash at bank become null and void. For BPCL, the entire exercise is aimed at increasing footfalls, brand recall value and revenue generation from non-fuel retail businesses.

“The customer acquisition is done by our liquefied. India's latest cricket sensation Mahendra Singh Dhoni is all set to become Bharat Petroleum Corporation's (BPCL) brand ambassador. Dhoni is likely to sign the contract during the third test match in Mumbai of the ongoing Test series against England.

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I worked at Bharat Petroleum full-time (Less than a year) Pros I worked as an intern at an IDC there and all the employees were supportive and there was not much office politics going on at the lower levels.

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