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Sixthly, some of our leaders who are foreign agents, and are exclusively involved in negative activities, should be kept under close watch by the government agencies. The terrorism, sectarianism, corruption, political unrest and economic crisis are causing a threat to its solidarity.

The instances of the Muslims in the early days of Islam and the disunity of them in modern era show the vitality of oneness and unity. Unity brings peace and development. There are Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs etc.

That is why, within a few years, they become a dominating power in the world. Blood relations and ties make the chain of national integration strong and lasting. Act upon Islamic rules and make Pakistan an ideal Islamic state.

The poverty is being increased day by day. We know, Mahatma Gandhi worked hard all his life and at last, laid his life to strengthen the friendship between Hindus and Muslims.

Power lies in unity, not in diversity. Every citizen should play his part and realize his basic responsibility in serving the nation.

India is a country of heterogeneous people. Time has come for us to live together with a spirit of tolerance and co-operation. There are many examples in the history of the world when due to lack of national unity there have been internal as well as external dangers to the security and survival of countries.

The enemies of Pakistan have always been looking for some opportunity to weaken the national unity in the country and to disintegrate it.

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Muslim empire expanded from Southern France to Multan, in the subcontinent. We must not forget how passions were aroused on minor issues concerning reorganization of states on the linguistic basis. We should try to uproot all the differences, all the clashes and all the obstacles that are there.

There is no doubt that Pakistan is passing through the most critical period of its history. We need such heroes and martyrs in India, who can sacrifice their lives for our national unity. The vital need of the hour is to strengthen our unity as a nation. We can, if we will. National unity means one nation as a whole formed in a one complete nation.

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And it was also a country of strong national unity.Essay on the Importance of National Unity and Strength. National unity is the first and foremost necessity of peaceful and prosperous country. No one can deny the fact that unity is safety.

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Disunity results in fall of the countries. There are many examples in the history of the world when due to lack of national unity there have been internal. i need national unity essay for my exam preparation.

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Importance of National Unity For a Country

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National Unity differences that have threatened to separate the national unity. Territorial expansion has had negative effects on national unity from National unity is the first and foremost, necessity of a peaceful and prosperous country.

No one can deny the fact that unity is safety. Disunity results in fall of the countries.

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English Essay on Food Crisis in Pakistan ( Words) Jan 10, Role of Women. That is the unity of common culture and tradition, common historical growth, common fight for freedom against the British rule, common allegiance to India and common loyalty to the India national flag.

English essay on national unity
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