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Herman B Wells becomes the 11th IU president. This is Indiana history day we remember and pray for those who have died, those who are being purged and those who have been through their purgatory and are now enjoying the full Beatific Vision. A new Master of Architecture degree program, set to begin in fallwas announced.

Anthony Wayne overwhelmed the Indians. At the end of the film the bishop says: Karen Hanson is named IU executive vice president and Bloomington provost. Pei completes the IU Art Museum. This request resulted in the creation of a Man Stealing Act aimed to prevent slave hunters from operating in the state.

More frugal race fans opted for lawn chair seating along the race route, as opposed to the ticket-charging Indiana history.

The meeting was chaired by John Beggs, with Davis Floyd acting as secretary. The agrarian Mississippian culture was the first to grow maize in the region.

In Sieur de Vincennes built a second fur trading post at Vincennes. Among its provisions were a prohibition on public debt and extension of suffrage to African-Americans.

Their settlements, like those of the Hopewell, were known for their ceremonial earthwork mounds. Flossie Bailey knew otherwise. The Indiana State I. Gros Louis is named chancellor emeritus.

The concentrated settlements depended on the agricultural surpluses. He also asked the legislature to pass laws that would stop the "unlawful attempts to seize and carry into bondage persons of color legally entitled to their freedom: They are made with Indiana limestone and are the most-photographed IU structure.

Several witnesses were present at the marriage ceremony. Roosevelt, and distributing educational materials to Kiwanis clubs. When Indiana sought statehood inthere was talk of its entering as a slave state among the dwindling group of slavery supporters as illustrated in the March 2, edition of the Vincennes Western Sun, where a "citizen of Gibson" stated, "the best interests of humanity required the admission of slavery into the state.

Clark quickly gained their support. The Hopewells in Indiana were connected by trade to other native tribes as far away as Central America. The marks survived to be photographed in the 19th century. Among the city's products are flour, carriages, lumber, iron castings, auto accessories, caskets, hardware, brooms, wire, and shirts.

With British victory inthe French were forced to cede all their lands in North America east of the Mississippi River and north and west of the colonies to the British crown. How we dressed, what sports we participated in, and where we hung out, are only a few of the images that capture life in Columbus Indiana throughout the generations.

After securing the necessary license at the county clerk's office, in which Valentino gave his name as Rudolph Gugliema, aged 28, and his bride as Winifred DeWolfe, aged I rely solely upon your financial support to keep this site growing.

The city of Greensburg, with a population of 10, is forty-seven miles southeast of Indianapolis. Dennis Penningtona former slave holder who had freed his slaves when he moved to Indiana, [14] was chief among the anti-slavery men.

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Yohn The fort at Vincennes, which the British renamed Fort Sackvillewas abandoned years earlier and no garrison was present when the Americans arrived to occupied it. Promoters anticipated an onslaught of race fans, all eager to buy tickets and flock to waiting stores to purchase souvenirs.

Harger invents the Drunk-O-Meter—the first successful machine for testing human blood-alcohol content. Composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein is in residence as the first fellow of the Institute for Advanced Study. Here is a partial list of those who are especially remembered this day for their part in the building up of the Church in Indiana: They had a class society with certain groups specializing as artisans.

About 1 AD, the Hopewells mastered agriculture and grew crops of sunflowers and squash.

History of Indiana

Although Jefferson was himself a slaveholder, he was opposed to the spread of slavery. It is none other than Crown Point, the town well-known as a "marriage-mill" and where Ronald Reagan wed his bride Jane Wyman. According to the Society of Indiana Pioneers, an individual was a pioneer of our county if they resided here on or Indiana history December 31, With industrialization, workers developed labor unions and suffrage movements arose in relation to the progress of women.Sears has opened the doors to its vast archival collection and invited the public to peek inside.

More than years of stories, product and brand histories, photographs, catalog images and. 19th Century Indiana History Timeline - The Indiana Territory Indiana Territory was established from the Northwest Territory with William Henry Harrison () as the first Governor and Vincennes the capital.

Clear Lake Indiana History. Clear Lake Aerial Photos - Archival aerial photos taken in, and (PDF files, allow download time) Clear Lake Heritage History Book - A few copies of this book are still available for purchase at the Clear Lake Town Hall. The Clear Lake Story - A collection of history and stories collected from factual records and memories of.

Facts About Indiana History: 7 Things You Might Not Know

Located in White River State Park in downtown Indianapolis, the Indiana State Museum brings the best of the museum world to Indiana! Visit today! Historic Columbus Indiana In Words And Pictures regarding Columbus Indiana history.

The various highways intersecting in and around Indianapolis, along with its historical status as a major railroad hub, and the canals that once crossed Indiana, are the source of the state's motto, the Crossroads of America.

Indiana history
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