Research papers on agricultural marketing in india

These four logics are used to frame and screen new venture opportunities and justify resource allocation. Thus, the farmers are forced to sell their surplus produce just after harvests at a very low and un-remunerative price.

Action is being taken for the construction of own building for Nilgiris Market Committee and 4 regulated markets at Ooty, Kothagiri, Coonur and Gudalur during this year at a cost of Rs. Advantages of traditional and modern technology The only instance in which traditional farming is better than modern agricultural technology is that it produces high quality product in smaller quantities.

In the absence of proper road transportation facilities in the rural areas, Indian farmers cannot reach nearby mandis to sell their produce at a fair price. The musculo skeletal disorder of ligaments, joints, spinal discs is a possibility to occur due to the aforesaid risk factors.

Share This Rating The Krishi Vigyan Kendra of Aizawl aims is to develop sustainable farming systems for improving productivity and profitability in agriculture and allied sectors and also train the farmers and extension functionaries for the effective dissemination of advanced agricultural technologies in North-East India.

The condition of the mandis is also not at all favourable to the farmers. In the absence of adequate institutional finance, Indian farmers have to come under the clutches of traders and moneylenders for taking loan. Our analysis shows that the interaction between firm and family institutional logics in Indian family firms generates four sub-logics: By this it can be inferred that the energy wasted in supporting the losd is greater than the energy required completing the task as no technical device be used.

Our work contributes to the literature on precursors of aggression, and has substantive implications for several stakeholders, including marketers, parents and policy makers.

The subsidies for modern agriculture technology is far more than traditional farming technologies. Agricultural marketing co-operative societies should be formed throughout the country for developing a better marketing structure.

Likewise Pledge Loan facilities are extended to traders also with the rate of interest specified from time to time. Defects of Agricultural Marketing in India: This kind of grading and quality control will help farmers to fetch a good price for quality products produced by them.

Bio-mechanical assessment a Postural Analysis: Most of the Indian farmers are very poor and thus have no capacity to wait for better price of his produce in the absence of proper credit facilities. An Agri Export Zone for flowers at Ooty covering Nilgiris district is being established with the participation by private promoter at a project cost of Rs.

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After harvest they have to sell their produce to those moneylenders at unfavourable terms. Finally, promotion of standardisation and grading of agricultural products is the main function under institutionalised agricultural marketing.Research Paper On Agricultural Marketing In India.

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59 development. 5 The term agricultural marketing is composed of two words-agriculture and marketing. Agriculture, in the broadest sense, means activities aimed at the use of natural resources for human welfare, i.e., it includes all the primary activities of production.

6 Marketing connotes a series of activities involved in moving the goods from the point of. Journal- AERR. Journal- AERR AERA publishes the journal “ Agricultural Economics Research Review (AERR)” and brings out two regular issues and one conference issue every year. AERR is a peer reviewed journal and even the papers published in its conference volume are reviewed by experts.


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• Computable General Equilibrium Modelling - A Case Study of Philippines ••• Marketing of Aromatic Rice ••• Marketing Losses: A Case Study of Banana in Karnataka (India) Division of Agricultural Economics Indian Agricultural Research Institute New Delhi Agriculture.

Agriculture, with its allied sectors, is unquestionably the largest livelihood provider in India, more so in the vast rural areas.

It also contributes a significant figure to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Agricultural marketing has also been in the domain of federal States. India is one of the top producers of commodities, 5th largest in the world, engages 57% of the world population and contributes 22% to the GDP of the country.

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Research papers on agricultural marketing in india
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