Residential schools of the aboriginal people

Residential schools to blame for problems plaguing aboriginals: Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Residential schools focused on imparting industry and knowledge were proposed again in in a report that had been commissioned by Governor General Charles Bagotentitled Report on the affairs of the Indians in Canada.

The government decided to phase out the schools, but this met with resistance from the Catholic Churchwhich felt that segregated education was the best approach for Indigenous children.

Although these changes saw students reaching higher levels of education, problems persisted. The Anglican Church publicly apologized for its role in the residential school system inthe Presbyterian Church inand the United Church in The residential school system operated from the s into the closing decades of the 20th century.

Healing the legacy of the residential schools

Streptomycinthe first effective treatment, was not introduced until We must be careful and listen to the voices that have been silenced by fear and isolation. I am sorry, more than I can say, that we were part of a system which took you and your children from home and family.

The Role of the Churches

Second, the curriculum at residential schools was essentially an elementary curriculum, which reflected a belief that Indigenous people were intellectually inferior. It was believed that native children could be successful if they assimilated into mainstream Canadian society by adopting Christianity and speaking English or French.

Bryce reported that 24 percent of previously healthy Aboriginal children across Canada were dying in residential schools. Public Inquiry into the Administration and Aboriginal People.

How did those ideas conflict with indigenous beliefs, expectations, and rights? There have also been convictions of sexual abuse.

It was expected that up to former students would be compensated. Boys were taught carpentry, tinsmithing, and farming.

All true civilization must be based on moral law, which Christian religion alone can give. The introduction of the Family Allowance Act in stipulated that school-aged children had to be enrolled in school for families to qualify for the " baby bonus ", further coercing Indigenous parents into having their children attend residential schools.

Corbett was commissioned to visit the schools in the west of the country, and found similar results to those reported by Bryce. It remained in operation until June 30, The schools could have helped children to reduce their vulnerability to tuberculosis by providing them with sanitary, well-ventilated living quarters, an adequate diet, warm clothing, and sufficient rest.

The devastating effects of the residential schools are far-reaching and continue to have significant impact on Aboriginal communities. The understanding ultimately proved complicated due to the lack of written agreements outlining the extent and nature of that support or the approvals required to undertake expensive renovations and repairs.

What is it that this government is going to do in the future to help our people? Many students spoke the language of their families fluently when they first entered residential schools. Fourth, the teaching staff was, in general, underqualified, overworked and poorly paid.

Canadian Indian residential school system

Archbishop Michael Peers offered an apology on behalf of the Anglican Church of Canada instating "I am sorry, more than I can say, that we were part of a system which took you and your children from home and family. They suffered from malnourishment and harsh discipline that would not have been tolerated in any other school system.

With so little time spent in class, most students had only reached grade five by the time they were Many graduates were unable to land a job due to poor educational training. Looking Forward, Looking Back. Rather, the residential schools regularly failed to provide the healthy living conditions, nutritious food, sufficient clothing, and physical regime that would prevent students from getting sick in the first place, and would allow those who were infected a fighting chance at recovery.

The Indian Residential School Survivors Society was formed in by the First Nations Summit in British Columbia and was officially incorporated in to provide support for survivors and communities in the province throughout the healing process and to educate the broader public.However, some Aboriginal people felt the government apology did not go far enough, since it addressed only the effects of physical and sexual abuse and not other damages caused by the residential school.

Aboriginal People Face Discrimination in Canada Essay - During the 19th century Aboriginal people faced a whole lot of discrimination in Canada, their beliefs and culture were considered to be ill-advised, this led to residential schools being opened for Aboriginal kids.

Son Ian Lam. Psychological Traumas of attending residential schools among aboriginal people. Outline. Introduction: Percentage of Indian Residential school students experienced abuse and maltreatment. Because the impacts of residential schools are intergenerational, many Aboriginal people were born into families and communities that had been struggling with the effects of trauma for many years.

The impact of intergenerational trauma is reinforced by racist attitudes that continue to permeate Canadian society. The Aboriginal people had their culture stripped away, without any consent but by force.

Residential Schools in Canada

They were forced to “adapt“ their lifestyle to the “normal,“ and children put into schools to learn how to behave like the Canadians. The Aboriginal residential schools implemented by the Canadian Government were a cause attempting to destroy their culture (Ravelli.

A history of residential schools in Canada

Residential schools “inflicted profound injustices” on Aboriginal people. “The children who attended residential schools were treated as if they were offenders and were at risk of being.

Residential schools of the aboriginal people
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